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‘Belarus leader Lukashenko strikes Putin’ Abroad

Lukashenko, who has ruled authoritatively since 1994, was re-elected by an overwhelming majority a week ago and has entered his sixth term. According to many, the results are falsified. Putin has congratulated his neighbor in the past, but the Kremlin seems divided and unpleasant over Lukashenko.

“The whole of Soviet space is in danger of collapsing”

According to Lukashenko, opposition to his re-election is a threat not only to his own country but to the entire former Soviet Union. “If Belarus falls, all Soviet space will collapse,”

; he said. According to him, they are working with a kind of coup from abroad, just like before in Ukraine. “We should not be fooled by the supposedly peaceful protests, but acknowledge what is happening here,” Lukashenko said.

On Friday, he mainly accused forces in Poland, the Netherlands and Ukraine and Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalni of planning a revolution in Belarus and of having more former Soviet republics in their sights. In 2014, pro-Russian President Yanukovych in Ukraine was ousted by protest movements that received strong support from the US government and countries in Western Europe. This led to a seizure of power in Kiev and a civil war in Russia’s oriented eastern Ukraine.


On Saturday, thousands gathered in Minsk to protest against Lukashenko and the crackdown on protesters. Meanwhile, there is also said to have been much opposition to Loekaskeno among employees of state-owned companies, where there are strikes. On Monday, Lukashenko visits a truck factory to talk to workers.

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