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New talks on US and Chinese trade tensions postponed | NOW

A conversation between China and the United States about their trade relationship, which was to take place on Saturday, has been postponed indefinitely. It reports the news service Reuters based on insiders. The launch is said to be an ongoing consultation of members of the Chinese Communist Party. It is not yet clear what the new date for the US-China …

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Cyclist dead after accident Spijk, driver arrested | Inland

SPIJK – In Spijk, Groningen, a cyclist was killed on Friday afternoon in a collision with a car. Near the accident site, the police found a car that may have been involved in the accident. A passenger of the car has been arrested, police reported, who were also looking for a second passenger for some time. Source link

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Account Maurice de Hond blocked on LinkedIn | Inland

De Hond noticed last week that posts on LinkedIn were deleted. Pollisten places links on LinkedIn and other social media to articles on his website where he is critical of the government’s corona policy. De Hond advocates more attention to ventilation to prevent the spread of the virus via aerosols, droplets. LinkedIn says in a response that it only communicates …

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Koen Verweij and Jutta Leerdam on their own two feet | Skating

Koen Verweij and Jutta Leerdam stand out. ⓒ ANKO STOFFELS AMSTERDAM – Their own skating team. Finally, Koen Verweij agreed in all fairness around noon on Friday, when he and his girlfriend, world champion Jutta Leerdam, set up their team NXTGEN. had revealed. “This attitude is the best I have ever skated in. And for Jutta, the team offers a …

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Locals explain Schilderswijk riot: “Turn around after months of corona boredom” – Telegraaf.nl

Locals explain Schilderswijk riot: “Turn around after months of coronary heart disease” Telegraaf.nl Uprising in “drainage of The Hague” Schilderswijk: “They were all Turks and Moroccans” ThePostOnline Rebellion in Schilderswijk: nowhere else is the other as identifiable as in The Hague Volkskrant Schilderswijk is tired of riots: “This is due to corona boredom” Telegraaf.nl Uprising in Schilderswijk. Media: ME had …

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