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Netflix’s space power looks like a TV lover’s dream

Hello and welcome to another edition of The Monitor, WIRED’s breakdown of this week’s major entertainment news. Today at roundup we actually have some news that is not related to coronavirus, which is a nice change of pace. We also have some news that is very related to Covid-19. But first, let’s go to outer space.

Netflix Space Force Looks cool and now has Lisa Kudrow

Ever since it was announced just over a year ago, Netflix’s Space Force has sounded like a TV lover’s dream. Based on President Trump’s recently launched military branch of the same name, star Steve Carell shows and was created with his Office collaborator Greg Daniels with the intention of bringing their workplace comedy vibe to a whole new part of the universe. Now it seems that these TV lovers̵

7; dreams are coming true. Yesterday, Netflix released a series of pictures (above) from the show, announcing that the series has both a release date – May 29 – and a new, previously announced cast member: Lisa Kudrow.

According to Netflix Space Force will focus on Mark R. Naird (Carell), a “decorated pilot with dreams of operating the Air Force.” However, that plan changes when he is chosen to run the military’s new sixth branch. “Skeptical but devoted, Mark exterminates his family and moves to a remote base in Colorado where he and a colorful team of scientists and” Spacemen “are tasked with the White House to get American boots on the moon (again) in a hurry and achieve total dominance, the streaming service said in a statement. Kudrow will play Carell’s wife, someone who “has sublimated parts of herself into her husband’s career for two decades. But when he takes on his biggest challenge, she grows in a different direction.” Sounds like an explosion.

Broadway will remain closed until June 7

Now to the news about coronavirus. The Broadway League, the trade group representing theater owners and producers, announced this week that the performances will remain closed until June 7 due to concerns over Covid-19. It’s a two-month extension beyond the original closing time and some show closures can be extended during the summer, according to Deadline.

The first trailer for Home-coming Season 2

Guess what? Home-coming is (almost) back! Amazon’s adaptation of the popular podcast returns for a second season on May 22, and this time it has received a new star: Janelle Monáe. In Season 2, her character arrives on a rowboat without memory and must put together her identity – a quest that leads her to the mysterious wellness group behind the Homecoming Initiative. Stephan James will also return in the new season as Walter Cruz, a former soldier who is now looking to get his life back in order following his experiences with the Homecoming Initiative. Watch the new teaser too Home-coming Below.

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