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Netflix reviewed the "Black Mirror" movie of "Choose Your Own Adventure" book publisher

Netflix is ​​awakened by the publisher of "Choose Your Own Adventure's" Book Franchise, which claims that streaming service was violated on their brand by having viewers choose the protagonist's actions in "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch."

in a federal Vermont court claiming that Netflix illegally used the company's intellectual property in the special "Black Mirror" broadcast last month and caused "reputational harm" worth $ 25 million, Buzzfeed News reported Friday.

The children's series "Choose your own adventures" has readers choosing the character path among a variety of different sites and finishes.

"Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" is the story of a young video game programmer trying to adapt to a

Chooseco accused Netflix of "taking advantage of viewers' nostalgia" using direct references to the 1

980s and 1990 series number, BuzzFeed reported. 19659002] The two companies were in licensing negotiations at the beginning of 2016, but Netflix was never allowed to use the trademark, according to the lawsuit.

The publisher also opposed the association with violence in the film, according to the outlet. 19659002] At one time in "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch", the main character's available choices make what the viewers decide to kill themselves or their friend, whether to kill his father and what to bury a body or chop it into pieces first.

"We have received an unprecedented dismissal from people who believed we were associated with the creation of this movie, including parents who were worried that we had adapted the CYOA brand they knew and loved content that surprised and insulted them," company founder and publisher, Shannon Gilligan, in a statement to BuzzFeed

The process claims that each trademark infringement, brand dilution, unfair competition and false designation are counted

The litter has reached Netflix for comment.

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