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Netanyahu visits the southern region after Gaza escalation

Palestinians rush to control the site after an Israeli hijacker hits a state-owned building in Gaza City, Saturday, July 1
4, 2018. The Israeli military conducted its largest day-to-day flight campaign in Gaza since the 2014 war as Hamas militants kicked dozens of rockets in Israel, threatens to spark a wider distortion after weeks of tension along the volatile border. No accidents or major injuries were reported on both sides, and Israel said it was aimed at defeating military targets and warned civilians in Gaza to stay away from certain places.
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JERUSALEM Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met community leaders in southern Israeli cities bordering Gaza and warns that Israel is engaged in a "long battle" .

Netanyahu visit on Monday comes one day after an informal violence fired in order to end 24 hours of intense battle against Gaza's Hamas militant as the threat of transition to eruption war. 19659007] Israel killed Hamas's goal in its most massive bombing since the war in 2014, while militants kicked dozens of rockets against Israel that stopped the daily life of the area.

Netanyahu said he had ordered the military to put an end to Gaza's campaign to send

He said Hamas will face a "wall of steel" if it continues its aggression against Israel.

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