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Nest joins the Google homepage, CEO goes down

Nest, the popular smart thermostat and security camera company, see some major changes at the executive level. According to a new report, Nest's CEO Marwan Fawaz comes from his role and turns into being a Google / Alphabet advisor.

With Fawas, who is no longer responsible for the Nest Division, 12-year-old Google employee Rishi Chandra will now be responsible for the team. Additionally, all Nest Group members and operations join the Google Home Hardware Department.

Commented on this decision, told Chandra CNET :

We thought, let's connect these things and build experiences that we really could not do before.

Nurse employees seem to be on board with this decision. As CNET report continues:

Fawaz's withdrawal from Nest comes after workers began to lead a leadership change among complaints that he is more of an operations manager than a leader, according to several sources, including former Nest- employees .

The Nest brand continues to live as it does today, but with this internal merger, we should not be surprised to see deeper connections across Nest and Google Home / Chromecast devices along the way (ie, more integration like Google Assistant speaks with Nest IQ).

It has been only about seven months since Nest was resumed in Google, so it's interesting to see that these changes play over a relatively small period. What more do you expect or hope to see from these two brands along the way?

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