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Nene Leakes Retweet’s Fans Blasting Reunion Final after her exit

Nene Leakes was in the middle of most of the drama The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The “tastiest peach” was in the midst of various confrontations at reunion season 12. It was a point where OG had enough “gang up” and suddenly left the virtual conversation. Although production and other co-stars tried to reach out to her to return, she did not return to the camera.

Nene is delicious
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Although Leakes stopped calling Porsha Williams on the phone, Andy Cohen did not and did not allow her to express herself over the speaker. The leaks went on to say that she felt frustrated at being attacked from all sides. She also raised questions about why issues between the other ladies did not arise.

“The whole reunion is just Nene. What did you think about part one? Did they ask the questions to anyone besides Nene? It’s Nene, honey. Nene, Nene … to the point where I said to Andy, “Is there anyone else here, honey? Do you have any questions for anyone else besides just Nene?”, She told ET.

What did the fans say?

Fans shared the same feeling that Leakes expressed. The viewers who watched the show felt that Leakes had a disadvantage and did not hold it against her for going away. Follows RhoA reunion finale, Leakes retweeted support messages.

“I promise you, it’s Nene Leakes RhoA, “a fan tweeted. “[I don’t care] what nobody says. She is clearly on ALL radar. “

“Why was this whole reunion about Nene Leakes? Oh … I remember, Queen, that’s why, “a viewer Added.

“I see why Nene Leakes left, the whole reunion is about her,” a Twitter user noted. “If it wasn’t for that [Porsha Williams], part three would be boring too. It is obvious that this role cannot carry the show without these two. Bring Phaedra back! “

“About that episode of RhoA reunion without Nene Leakes is any indication of what a season without her would look like, I’ll pass. This show needs her, “was one comment which Leakes retweeted.

“They really sat in their living rooms and did the whole reunion about Nene Leakes,” another fan observed. “Nene, as they say, had no history. It turns out she was theirs. “

“I see that Nene Leakes must not be human. I definitely wouldn’t want any of you to be friends, ”another viewer said.

“Do you mind that in the Queen’s absence, they continued to refer to her? The entire three-tier reunion would have been wrapped up in 30 minutes if they had not focused 90% of the talk with or about Nene Leakes,” another Twitter user wrote.

“I’m going with Nene Leakes,” read another of the messages Leakes retweeted. “Many people in society fight bullying behavior and collect on one person. It is clear that there is an alliance with Nene to destroy her personal satisfaction from B Scott, Kenya, Eva, Kandi, [and] RhoA production.”

Leakes has said if she will leave the show and that is something she is still thinking about doing. Bravo has not announced if they have started pre-production during season 13 of the show yet.

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