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Nebraska woman dies of West Nile virus

The Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that a woman in Nebraska has died of West Nile virus. This is the first case in West Nile in Nebraska this year.

10/11 Now a response from DHHS awaits where the death occurred. Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department confirmed Lancaster County has not had any cases of West Nile this season.

The woman is between 25 and 50 years old. She had an underlying medical condition, which means that a person is more likely to experience serious consequences.

DHHS said the woman began to experience the West Nile symptoms very early, off the usual west coast. State epidemiologists said this is an unusual case and seems to be an anomaly.

"If we look at potential explanations, our epidemiologists said it is possible that a mosquito is overcrowded and then appeared very early and infected this person. They said it is also possible that an early-emerging mosquito fed on a infected bird who happened to be in the area and the mosquito may have asked the person, says a DHHS spokesman.

DHHS collected and tested mosquitoes in the surrounding area and said that no one came back positively for West Nile. of mosquitoes in the state so far this season.

In 201

8, Nebraska reported a national 245 West Nile case in humans, including 11 deaths.

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