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NC coronavirus updates: Calculation permits amount to 85,000

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Fall 85,000

At least 85,701 people in North Carolina have tested positive for the corona virus and 1,503 have died, according to state health officials.

The NC Department of Health and Human Services on Sunday reported another 1,908 cases of the virus, down from 2,462 on Saturday – the most since the onset of the pandemic.

Officials also reported four more deaths.

On Sunday, health officials reported completing another 23,51

7 coronavirus tests, for a total of more than 1.1 million. About 10% of the tests conducted on Saturday came back positive. That number should be closer to 5%, health officials have said.

Hospital admissions remain over 1,000

At least 1,070 North Carolinians were hospitalized with COVID-19 on Sunday, from a record high of 1,093 reported Saturday.

Both totals surpassed the previous height of 1,046 reported Friday, and Sunday marked the fourth day in a row where daily hospitalizations peaked at 1,000.

The state hopes for more federal relief

Government Roy Cooper may call a special legislative session if federal coronavirus tools need to be allocated or budget adjustments must be made before September 2.

The General Assembly is not scheduled to return until after Labor Day, but measures by Congress may change that. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that Congress will “likely” approve a new coronavirus relief package when lawmakers return July 20.

State leaders hope the federal government will help offset a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall. Currently, federal coronavirus money can only be used for pandemic-related government functions.

Outbreak at the health centers in Raleigh

Coronavirus outbreaks were reported at three health care facilities in Raleigh.

Eight people have tested positive at all facilities: Universal Healthcare, Raleigh Rehabilitation Center at and Wake Assisted Living.

The state considers an outbreak of two or more infected people.

Statewide, 140 nursing homes and 87 residential care services have had COVID-19 outbreaks. More than 4,900 cases and 696 deaths have been reported in state nursing homes and 1,500 cases and 122 deaths have been reported in residential care.

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