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NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving, Jaylen Brown's Relationship "Probably the Worst" | Boston Celtics

At the moment, Boston Celtics is facing a sudden restructuring of blows due to the potential departures of Al Horford and Kyrie Irving.

With rumors of the latter's resignation swirling for the past month, framing of Boston's disappointing season has made headlines, many of which involve Irving's relationship with his teammates. Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix added them to a Fox Sports Radio appearance Tuesday. The NBA insider said Irving had a "horrible" relationship with Boston's young players, specifically referring to his rocky ties with Jaylen Brown.

"You can write a whole book about what went wrong because the season was basically a catastrophe from start to finish. His (Irving) relationship with the young players on roster was awful. Jaylen Brown, he was probably the worst with , "Mannix said. "I don't think it was great with Jayson Tatum, and it was terrible with Terry Rozier because Terry was shifted in a position he thought he did enough to win. It created a rather nasty atmosphere. Kyry's leadership skills were lacking and he He was the first player trained by Brad Stevens who did not really like being trained by Brad Stevens and that relationship was not solid. "

We all remember their in-game interviews during a January refusal when Brown indirectly Jabbed in Irving after the All Star point guard committee called out the team's younger players. So yes, the evidence was there, but reports like this help confirm our suspicions.

If Irving actually deviates to say, Brooklyn, the story of young guns vs veterans will likely play less role next season.

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