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Naya Rivera’s ghostly resemblance to the missing girl role she played on Baywatch

Naya Rivera’s childhood acting role in Baywatch has turned out to be hauntingly similar to the real life of her co-star Traci Bingham.

Traci, who played lifeguard Jordan in the hit-based show, took to Instagram today to point out the similarities.

Naya, best known for her role in Glee, is tragically missing and presumed dead after renting a boat with her four-year-old son.

It has been confirmed that the star, 33, was not wearing a life jacket when she bathed in Lake Piru, California yesterday.

She had rented a pontoon boat with her four-year-old son Josey, but he was later found alone in the boat by others out on the lake.

He told the rescuers that his mother had been swimming but had not returned to the boat.

Naya appeared in Baywatch when she was 12

Traci sent out a prayer for Naya as she shared a photo of them together on the show.

When Naya was 12, she played a girl named Willa, who was lost.

A clip from the show shows Traci, like Jordan, going up to little Naya, who is dressed in a colored swimsuit and has her long curly hair pulled back with a clip.

Traci bends over and says, “Hey, what’s your name?”

Naya, standing alone on the beach, replies, “Willa, what’s yours?”

The star is missing and believed to be dead

Naya played a lost little girl

“Jordan,” she says. “Is something wrong?”

Naya nods and says, “I’m lost.”

Traci takes Naya’s hand and says, “Let’s see if I can help you.”

Traci posted the picture on Instagram along with a news article about Naya, and wrote: “PLEASE GOD !! I PRAY WE HERE HERE !! @nayarivera #nayarivera.

“The scene from Baywatch. The weird thing about this is, in this scene of Baywatch Naya’s character ‘Willa’ is lost … Her father was played by Willie Gault.”

Her co-star Traci said the similarities were eerie

Traci asks Naya to be found safe and sound

The search for Naya was interrupted overnight, but afterwards thousands of fans signed a petition and urged rescuers to continue their efforts.

Naya last posted on Instagram just a day ago.

The heart-wrenching picture sees her cuddle up to her son. She captioned it “just the two of us”.

After news that she was missing, people started commenting on the beautiful photograph.

Singer Todrick Hall wrote: “Pray for you and your safety!”

While one fan commented: “I really hope she has been found safe, there have been too many tragedies with joy actors … like this one is not sitting right w idk”

Another posted: “I hope you find it safe. My heart breaks for your family.”

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