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Nationwide Smoking Ban in and near public housing has effect in late July

The Department of Housing and Urban Development announced a smoke-free policy in and near local public housing two years ago. HUD said that the policy, which strictly comes into force on July 31

, was aimed at encouraging people to quit smoking. Pixabay )

By the end of this month smokers will no longer light cigarettes, cigars and tubes within and close to all public housing nationwide.

Everyone, including accommodation, would have to be at least 25 meters from the public buildings to smoke. The ban covers all common areas in residential buildings and all outdoor areas within the 25 meter parameters according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Electronic cigarettes and chewing tobacco and snus are not mentioned in the policy ban, but HUD said there may be restrictions on these products depending on the location.

HUD said the policy was made to promote the health effects of a smoke-free lifestyle and raise awareness about the dangers of used smoke. The department also hopes that the new rule can encourage people at least to reduce their smoking habits. Ideally, the department hopes people can quit completely.

Non-smoking public housing

The rule will be included in residential apartments provided by residential buildings. Tenants who will not follow could be excluded according to HUD. However, violation of the smoking ban is not a crime. It will only be a civil offense.

Specifically, the policy specifies that smoking is prohibited "within all indoor areas of housing, including but not limited to living units, indoor common areas, electrical wardrobes, storage units and PHA administrative office buildings and within all outdoor areas within 25 meters of the housing and management agency . "

" The PHAs may, but do not need to further restrict smoking to excluded smoking areas outside the restricted areas, create additional restricted areas in which smoking is prohibited (eg near a playground) or alternatively make their entire foundation smoke-free "policy states."

The PHAs are also required to document and inform their residents about their smoke-free policy through public meetings or other similar events.

HUD announced the policy two years ago, but gave more than 3,300 local public housing authorities time to implement it. The policy was transferred below Obama administration in November 2016. There have been more than 600 local PHAs that have implemented it, resulting in 228,000 homes that have been non-smoking.

Prohibition from July 31, hopefully, an additional 940,000 units will be forced to ban smoking within their premises.

Smoking Border Healthcare

Disease Control and Prevention Measures Estimated 2014 that state housing agencies can save about $ 153 million a year in repairs and healthcare costs if they strictly apply the smoking ban. The PHAs would also save $ 16 million for burn incidents associated with smoking.

CDC indicated that residents in public housing are exposed to used smoke that can penetrate ventilation systems and windows. This was particularly concerned as a large number of public housing builders are children, elderly and disabled, all vulnerable to the effects of used smoke.

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