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NASA's "Hive" Drones can distribute swarms of small robot cicadas

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NASA just tested an insect-inspired queen of drones – a host "hive" drone, each with 25 small "CICADAS" detached from the lower abdomen to fly around and learn about the weather and atmosphere.

Every small CICADA, per video of a test flight shared by NASA on Thursday, is equipped with air pressure, wind speed and temperature sensors that activate when the small drones slide to the ground as confetti, steering in circles

Benign applications

CICADA, which stands for "CICADA", which stands for "Close-in Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft", was built by the US Navy for purposes somewhat more aggressive than monitoring of weather, according to CNET .

"Cicada is a concept for an inexpensive, GPS-controlled, micro-disposable vehicle that can be widely used to" seed "an area of ​​miniature electronic payload", reads Navy's description of CICADA, which continues to describe them as tactical airplanes.

For now,

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