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NASA Opportunity Dead? Public call to save lost Mars Rover as the risk of recovery fade

Social media users have made a hearty reason for NASA's Opportunity Rover to be saved almost three months after it was silenced during a Marsh storm on Mars. Launch of the hash tags #WakeUpOppy and #SaveOppy, fans of the 15-year-old rover have shared memories and urge the space agency not to give it up yet.

Researchers lost contact with Opportunity on June 10th after its solar power was cut by a large dust storm surrounding the entire planet. Earlier this month, NASA announced that the dust strain disappeared, hoping that the rover might be able to drive back and come into contact with the Earth. However, no messages have been received and hope recovery will start fading.

On August 23, a statement from the Mars Exploration team said the storm was not active in the region where Opportunity was located. "It is expected that Opportunity has experienced a low-field error, and maybe a mission error," said the team. "After the last contact with the rover … the resolution timer has expired, giving a different mode."


The team is currently listening to messages from the rover and sending a command three times a week hoping to hear a beep in response.

In a later update, NASA liked the situation to wait for a patient to come out of a coma: "It takes time to recover completely," says a statement. "It can take several communication sessions before engineers have enough information to take action".  Mars Rover Opportunity An artist representation of Opportunity, who has not contacted the Earth in two months. NASA / JPL-Caltech

If the opportunity is answered, the team must fully assess the condition of the robber. "Once they have collected all of these tasks, the team should take a survey as to whether they are ready to try to get full recovery," said a blog post from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

"Although the engineers recall from Opportunity, there is a real possibility that the rover will not be the same. The rover's batteries could have charged so much power and remained inactive as long as their capacity decreased. If the batteries can not hold that much it may affect Roveren's continued operations. It may also mean that energy-efficient behavior, like running their heaters in the winter, can cause batteries to burn out. "

In an interview with Space.com, Steve Squyres, a major researcher for the Mars Science Laboratory , said nobody knows what will happen to the opportunity. "There is only one way to find out, and that is to listen. It will either be a miraculous recovery or a worthy death."

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