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NASA March Curiosity rover saw a strange light, but did not freak out

This bright light on the Mars horizon is not from foreigners.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / Red Circle by Amanda Kooser / CNET

We are all excited about NASA's curiosity at the moment thanks to the intriguing discovery of a mystical methane spike . Some of this glow seems to tear over to an image that the rover struck on June 1

6 and showed a bright flash of light on the distant horizon.

The rover snapped a series of pictures and the bright look only appears in one. But don't get your hopes for signs of alien life on the red planet. We have seen this kind of light before.

There are several good explanations for the glowing place. "It's probably a glare or scattered light," said NASA media relations specialist Andrew Good. "We have seen this many times throughout the mission."

Curiosity caught a view of a very similar glow on the horizon 2014 . The NASA Doug Ellison, who is working with the camera, took on his personal Twitter account to say that light was probably a cosmic radiation.

NASA describes galactic cosmic rays as "particles are accelerated to near the speed of light shooting into our solar system from other stars in the Milky Way or even other galaxies." Scientists think about how we can protect astronauts on Mars from the effects of radiation from cosmic rays.

Cosmic rays are fleeting, but they have been exposed before. Apollo astronauts reported that they had "weak spots or lightnings when the light was dark," a phenomenon attributed to NASA cosmic rays.

If the curator kept a scrapbook, it could film this bright look under "Cool Things I Saw on Mars."

Originally published June 24, 9:45 PM PT.
Update, 10:33 PT: Adds a statement from NASA.

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