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Musk, one-of-a-kind, like Buffett and Bezos: Tesla Bull Ron Baron

Billionaire Ron Baron, a major shareholder in Tesla, told CNBC on Friday that Elon Musk does not need "adult monitoring."

Tesla critic suggests that Denholm, a director since 201

4, does not count as "adult surveillance" they believe Musk

Meanwhile, Baron said he did not know Denholm, but expects to meet her next week.

He also said that he is a "fan of women" on business. "[GM CEO] Mary Barra has done a great job." Women "think differently" than men, he added. He also credited women in Baron Capital who did a great job.

Musk has done phenomenally well with Gwynne Shotwell as president and COO of SpaceX, the entrepreneur's privately owned commercial space company, "said Baron, hoping that Denholm will want to be like Shotwell.

Tesla on Wednesday announced that it raised Denholm as chairman. Stripping Musk from the presidency was mandated as part of a September settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission following his August tweets claiming he had secured funding to take Tesla privately at $ 420 per share.

During Thursday's trading session, Tesla tapped $ 357 per share, the price peaked $ 356.77 when Musk sent these tweets. Tesla shares fell as much as 26 percent at their short-term declines on October 19th.

Last month, in its first CNBC appearance since Muscle's irregular behavior during the summer, Baron told "Squawk Box" that he thinks Tesla could be a company with $ 1 trillion in revenue in 2030.

Baron repeated that prediction on CNBC Friday and added "maybe a $ 2 trillion in valuation" one day.

Baron Capital founder said his average cost of acquiring his Tesla game between 2014-2016 is $ 219 per share. Baron Funds currently owns 1.7 million shares worth nearly $ 600 million at the end of Wednesday at $ 351 per share.

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