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Mueller says the former Trump campaign official still helps "several ongoing investigations"

"Gates continues to collaborate on several ongoing investigations, and therefore the parties do not consider it appropriate to begin the trial at this time," the filing said, pointing out that the situation had not changed since the previous update in January.

There was great speculation that Gate's collaboration would end up this week, considering the federal goals against his long-standing partner Paul Manafort. Gates was a star witness in that case and testified against Manafort, who was sentenced by two judges to earn a total of 7.5 years in prison for financial fraud.

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The introduction suggests that Gates may still be helpful beyond Manafort, and that there are investigators who still want Gates cooperation. Whether it's Mueller or Prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, or maybe somewhere else, it's not quite clear. If Gates was no longer needed, the parties would probably have asked to set a judgment date.

The submission comes in the middle of the sign that Mueller sets up his work and will deliver his final report to the law firm William Barr about his probe about Russian involvement in the presidential election in 2016. That report could be completed even if investigations continue elsewhere, including in the southern part of New York.

On Thursday, Mueller's spokesman confirmed that top lawyer Andrew Weissmann, who led the cases against Manafort and Gates, would leave the team. He's about to learn at New York University, CNN reported.

Gates accused in February 2018 of conspiracy regarding his lobbying with Manafort in Ukraine. Since then, Mueller's law has the judge to delay his sentence five times while he assisted the investigation.

Gates was also a senior official at Trump's initial committee, working under one of President Donald Trump's close friends, Tom Barrack. CNN has previously reported that the federal prosecutors in Manhattan are investigating the opening committee and issued a day move to the committee earlier this year and requested documents about their donors, sellers and finances.

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