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MS-13 member gets 55 years in quadruple slaying

An MS-13 street-base member was sentenced to 55 years in prison on Wednesday after being guilty of racketeering costs for his role in the brutal massacre of four young men on Long Island. [19659002] "Nothing can bring back the young lives lost, and no punishment imposed by a court can really get justice in this situation, but the Eastern District and our partners in the FBI's Long Island Gang Task Force continue to work relentlessly for to eliminate the villain of violence MS-13, "said Richard Donoghue, US lawyer for the Eastern District of New York, in a statement.

Josue Portillo, 18, admitted that he planned the April 201

7 murder with other MS-13 respondents for saying he believed the four were rival gang members. Victims were tricked into a park and attacked with machetes, knives and clubs.

Violence, including the relatives of two teenage girls in Brentwood 2016, led to congressional hearings and visits to Long Island from both President Donald Trump and then the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions. At one look, Trump seemed to refer directly to the matter, MS-13 members said "have transformed peaceful parks into beautiful neighborhoods into blood-stained deadfields."

MS-13 or La Mara Salvatrucha recruits young teens from El Salvador and Honduras, although many gang members were born in the United States. The gang has been blamed for dozens of deaths since January 2016 over a broad section of Long Island.

Before being sentenced in federal court, Portillo referred 18 judges to Spanish and apologized for the slayings.

"I know what I've done was so very wrong," said Portillo, according to an English translation from Newsday. "I apologize for my violent crime and will always pray for the families of these victims, none of whom deserve to die."

Portillo came illegally from El Salvador and was subjected to expulsion after termination, which includes an order to pay $ 24,000 in funeral expenses to the victims' families.

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