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Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up is like a Christmas in a jar

We're only a few weeks into November, which means it's time to start celebrating Christmas. For some reason. I'm not a big fan of Xmas, and seeing Christmas trees and candy canes that pop up in stores already makes me hissing like a cat. Really. And to help celebrate the holidays, Mountain Dew has released Merry Mash-Up, a new flavor of their popular soda.

Yes, this flavor was actually released last year. But I wrote about soft drinks and energy drinks then and no one at Kotaku covered last time. So I'm reviewing it this year.

Finding Merry Mash-Up was challenging. For some reason, the stores here, near Kansas City, either do not bring any joy bottles or they have 1

2 packs. And so, even though I don't drink soda regularly anymore, I now own 12 cans of Merry Mash-Up. (Two days after I bought this 12 pack, I found a gas station that sells bottles. The universe is cruel, but good at practical jokes.)

The jars that hold this good taste are wonderful. Very colorful and festive. If you do not plan to buy decorations or do not have any, just bring a few cans of Merry Mash-Up and place them around the house. Or maybe attach them to your Christmas tree as colorful corporate ornaments.

Contains in these jars is an extremely red liquid, but a little more pink than Code Red. The colorful jars and the vibrant red liquid worried me. I was prepared to take a sip and be struck by intense amounts of sugar and sweetness. So I took my first, cautious, sip and prepared myself.

And yet I was pleasantly surprised. Merry Mash-Up is not too cute. Instead, the flavors and sweetness are more subtle, well for a taste of Mountain Dew at least. Merry Mash-Up is a blend of Cranberry and Pomegranate and it works. You sort the taste one taste first, then the second taste remains in the mouth. It almost reminded me of bubble gum darkness, for some reason.

I wouldn't mind having another jar of this closer to Christmas. Maybe when I set up the tree and listened to some annoying holiday songs. And luckily for me I have another 11 cans of this.

I know what I'm going to fill socks with this year.

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