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Zimbabwe's ruling party launches campaign for elections

Zanu-PF, Zimbabwe's ruling party, showed its colors in the country on Friday, a taste of what its campaign will look like in the Christmas season, as departments rage across the country. the party

The promise of corruption and recovery of the economy. In the manifesto presented on Friday by Zanu-PF, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, who will carry the party's presidential election, will focus on Zimbabwe's most pressing problem.

Former Vice President of Mugabe Mr. Mnangagwa succeeded him in November in a coup with the army and government party.
During six months of training, the president has not been stopped saying its ability to revive the economy, especially through foreign investment

Based on the theme "Combine, fight corruption, develop, reintroduce, create jobs", Zanu-PF's manifesto promises Growth 6% over five years, and the improvement of working conditions for public employees was dominated in recent months by strike series.

Reclaiming the Base

But to do that, Emmerson Mnangagwa is counting before All about support from its base, where its influence seems to decrease. Seven ministers from the current government and several Mnangagwa allies have been defeated in the primaries held this week to elect the party's representatives in the parliamentary elections.

"Let us devote our differences and campaigns to our party's flourishing victory revolutionary. A shared house can not resist," said the 75-year-old leader.

A close ally of Robert Mugabe during his 37-year-old government, Emmerson is fighting Mnangagwa to convince his ambitions to reform the country's political system. been an assiduous enforcer during Mugabe years. But against the backdrop of the opposition weakened by the recent death of historic leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Emmerson Mnangagwa and his party, it is largely a matter of choice.

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