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World | Debt to Mamounia: Thomas Fabius fines EUR 75,000

Thomas Fabius, son of the President of the Constitutional Council Laurent Fabius, was sentenced to € 75,000 on Wednesday for a fraud related to his passion for gaming and casinos.

Thomas Fabius, prosecuted in 2016, he was accused of writing a fraudulent transfer order of 200,000 euros, directed to a casino in Marrakech (Morocco) where he had his habits: Mamounia.

Torment guilty

The 37-year-old son of the former Socialist Minister of Foreign Affairs was guilty of "forgery and forgery in private writing" and "fraud" in this case.

His conviction, pronounced by the Paris Criminal Court, was decided in the context of a proceeding for the prior recognition of guilt, known as "guilty ground".

He pretended to be a bank adviser

This is a complaint from the Société Générale that initiated the case. The bank accused him of pretending to be a bank advisor to make the casino believe that the transfer would take place and be able to play.

In addition to this procedure, the son of Laurent Fabius had problems with American justice, because of his passion for the game.

Also in the United States

In 201

5, a Nevada prosecutor issued an arrest warrant against him, accusing him of writing checks totaling more than $ 3.5 million ($ 3.2 million) at Las Vegas casinos in mid-2012.

This arrest warrant is not enforceable outside US territory.

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