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While waiting for the test, PS5 vs PS3 video – THM Magazine

On Wednesday, Sony formalized the prices and availability date for its new PlayStation 5 consoles. Obviously, Sony will be offering some exclusive titles to the series with Spider-Man Miles Morales to support the launch of its new generation of PlayStation. or Sackboy a great adventure, but also (and above all!) the complete remake of Demon’s Souls. While waiting for the test of this Demon’s Souls, we can already observe the work done by the developers, with a video comparison that puts the PS3 and PS5 versions side by side.

Via ElAnalistaDeBits

Demon’s Souls: the exclusive PS5 that will hurt?

In this regard, if the trailer released by Sony mentioned a Demon’s Souls available on PS5 and on PC, the Japanese giant quickly wanted to confirm a mistake and stated that the game was really exclusive to PlayStation 5. Remember that this is a remake of BluePoint Games , the same people who have already remade Shadow of the Colossus on PS4.

Test Demon's Souls PS5

Originally, Demon’s Souls is a software-signed game, launched on PlayStation 3 2009. At the PlayStation 5 Showcase, the game stands out through the distribution of a gameplay video that is technically quite impressive, with a very detailed universe, albeit a little stiff requires), so that the game quickly became REASON for many players to pre-order the console ” day one “.

On the side of ElAnalistaDeBits, a YouTube channel that we highly recommend, we obviously wanted to compare the upcoming PS5 version with the original Demon’s Souls 2009. And we have to admit that BluePoint Games seems to be doing a pretty exceptional job again.

A “lighter” Demons Souls on PS5?

The gameplay that took place during the PlayStation 5 Showcase revealed not only a beautiful Demon’s Souls but also a game that suddenly seemed … easy. In fact, like a Bloodborne, a Dark Souls, a Sekiro or even the latest Mortal Shell, the game signed from software is a pretty heinous difficulty, and only the most enduring players had the chance to complete a game from the Japanese studio.

Classic PS5 and Digital Edition price

With this review, we will therefore have the right to a Demon’s souls that were not monitored by From Software, even though we imagine that the creators could keep an eye on the project. The gameplay demo presented by BluePoint Games therefore aimed to linger on the visual side of the game, even if it means passing Demons Souls for a fairly simple game, with enemy attacks that are very easy to parry and a hero with a overwhelmed sword. .

So much so that some people are wondering if this PS5 version of Demon’s Souls will maintain the level of opus required by software. Of course, it would be criminal to offer a Demon’s Souls with an “Easy” mode, as the difficulty is inherent in the fun of the game, but we can imagine a soft a little more «Available» for ordinary people, who knows?

Of course, we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to get hold of this vintage 2020 Demon’s Souls, which should accompany many PlayStation 5s at launch. At THM we will of course offer you a complete test of game-drawn BluePoint games, which should experience a good commercial success, together with Spider-Man Miles Morales, the two most important “next gen” games (although the spider, like other PS5 titles, will also be available on PS4), which will come with the Sony console.

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