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What peace treaty would change for the two Koreans, officially in war since 1950

INTERNATIONAL – A historic summit as much as a symbolic. On Friday, April 27th, for the first time since the end of the armed conflicts in the 1953 Korean War, a North Korean leader will cross the southern side of the border for a summit with its South Korean counterpart.

Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in meet at 9:30 am local time (2:30 on the night from Thursday to Friday, Paris time) in the southern part of the village of Panmunjom, in the demilitarized zone that divides the peninsula. In addition to the symbol, they will try to concretize the hopes of peace brought by diplomatic approaches at the beginning of the year, including the participation of North Korean athletes in Pyeongchang's winter casualties.

The possibility of a peace agreement could be discussed during the meeting. Since the two Koreans are officially still in war since the signing of a non-aggression pact in 1

953. An armistice who signed the end of the match but never followed a real peace treaty.

And although they are not in open conflict, several fatal incidents have enameled their relationship, because of espionage, threats and threats. What would really change a peace treaty for these two countries intrinsically in a cold war for almost 65 years?

Antoine Bondaz, researcher at the Foundation for Strategic Research, teacher at Sciences Po and specialist in North Korea, and Benoît Quennedey, chairman of the Franco-Korean Friendship Association in Paris, answered this question for HuffPost .

  • Creation of a real demilitarized zone

a "demilitarized zone" (DMZ) that separates the two camps. Demilitarized, but it's only by name. "This area is the world's most militarized," assures Antoine Bondaz. Two kilometers wide, it's riddled with mines, the soldiers are heavily armed and anti-nuclear shelters are set around, not to mention enhanced safety.

"Signing a peace treaty should open the voice to demilitarization of this area, which could already alleviate tensions on the border," explains the specialist.

  • The reduction of military work

In the same direction and as proof of good faith, the two camps can also reduce their military personnel, reduce the number of tactical maneuvers and better select equipment.

"You should rather choose this fighter plane rather than another, or this craft rather than a tank, not to move the opposition's anxiety opposite and not to perceive it as a provocation," says Antoine Bondaz .

It must be said that Kim Jong-un provoked an art by multiplying the ballistic tests and nuclear power and extending the success of these tests.

  • Discussion on a "denuclearization"

This turmoil is already on the agenda for Friday's Summit. If a new step towards peace is being made, Kim Jong-un must make a decision on its nuclear armed forces. It is also one of the North Korean leaders' commitments for their meeting with US President Donald Trump in May.

"Our constant position is to assume that the Korean Peninsula nuclear power in accordance with the wishes of former President Kim Il Sung and former Secretary General Kim Jong Il, said Ki m on March 28 during his visit to China, his first trip abroad.

South Korea reported in February that Pyongyang would be ready to abandon its nuclear program in exchange for US security measures for security (nuclear and ballistic tests are already interrupted). Earlier, the concept of "denuclearization of the peninsula" could have meant the Pyongyang departure of the 28,500 US troops stationed in the south and the withdrawal of the American nuclear umbrella, things unthinkable for Washington.

  • Refinement of Sea Boundaries

] The Yellow Sea, or the West Sea for Koreans and a Strategic Space, has been the stage for many deadly conflicts over the past 60 years. The exact maritime boundary between the two countries is quite vague and the sovereignty of some islands around the peninsula, which is also contested by Japan, happened to the North Korean camp by provocation bombard these islands. In 2010, for example, several artillery fire killed four soldiers and two civilians. The Yellow Sea is also an important fishing spot for the two Koreans.

"With a peace treaty, Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in will be forced to address the issue of delimiting maritime borders, it is an issue that is too important to be omitted," says the president of the French-Korean Friendship Association, which, in contact with Quai Orsay, maintains relations with North Korean diplomats and there is some influence, according to Slate .

  • Reunification of Separated Families

When the country was cut in half, many families were eliminated. Since 1960 and in rare cases, some families have traveled to the border to spend a few days with their loved ones, as they have not seen in more than half a century for some.

The last meeting is from 2014 and the earlier from 2010. The tour is drawn from among thousands of candidates who hope to see their family again. They take advantage of it to take back gifts, food and medicine, goods that are sometimes hard to find in the north.

"Of course, such meetings would of course be discussed in more detail if it was official peace between the two countries. In Korea there is deep respect for the elders, and those who suffered from the separation due to the war are now old and There are not many families affected by it.

Respect for the people who reach life, the two governments are likely to make it a humanitarian problem and try to reconnect families still suffering, "said Antoine Bondaz.

Patience, 인내 in Korean

But We can not be happy for soon. Because Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in decide to sign a peace agreement, it will take several weeks or months before all modalities are studied.

"A real decision will only be taken After several months we can expect concrete here a joint declaration, as well as in the first two Korean summits (held in Pyongyang) 2000 and 2007, where all the important conditions must be to be discussed together in the future would be listed as a roadmap. "

This highly symbolic meeting in Panmunjom," Truce Village ", will pave the way for an even more anticipated summit in May between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump

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