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Weather / Morocco: Warm weather this Wednesday 5 August

The weather promises to be warm in the southeast and northeast of the southern provinces and quite warm in the interior of the country, this Wednesday, August 5, 2020, according to weather forecasts established by the Directorate-General for Meteorology.

Dense low clouds with fog or mist will form in places along the coast and plains of the north and central Atlantic, the Mediterranean and northwest of the southern provinces.

The sky is temporarily cloudy over High and Anti-Atlas and Southeast.

The sky will be clear to partly cloudy elsewhere.

A moderate wind will blow from the north on the southern coasts and from the east on the Tangier and weak to moderate, from the south on the southeast and south of the Oriental and from north to west elsewhere.

On the mercury side, minimum temperatures are around 26/31

° C east of the southern and south-eastern provinces, 22/27 ° C in the Saiss, the Inner Sous, the Mediterranean, the Moulouya Valley and the plains west of the Atlas and 16/23 ° C elsewhere.

While the maximum temperatures will be around 42/45 ° C in the south-eastern and north-eastern part of the southern provinces, 38/43 ° C in Saiss, Souss, Chiadma, the phosphate plateaus and of Ulmès, the plains of Tadla, Tensift, Rehamna, the western Rif, the south-eastern slopes and the interior of the southern provinces, 32/38 ° C on the Oriental, the Moulouya Valley and the Atlantic Ocean. at 25/33 ° C at the coast and the reliefs of Atlas.

The oceans are light to rough across the Mediterranean, the strait and along the Atlantic.

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