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“We must not redefine nursing homes,” said Mickaël Wambergue, director of nursing homes

France Bleu Mayenne: do we need to redefine nursing homes?

Mickaël Wambergue : No, obviously we are not allowed to redefine nursing homes, we are rather asked to think locally, unlike what was done in March and April when the virus was actively circulating throughout the country. We can graduate according to the development of the epidemic, for example, limit visits.

FBM: There were 12 deaths in a facility in Aveyron in one week, have any nursing homes been dying?

MW: I think we need to differentiate between two things. We’ve talked a lot about nursing home Aveyron, but we have 7,000 facilities in France. The reality of nursing homes is not that. Ehpad is not dying. There are about 600 nursing homes in the Pays-de-la-Loire. Today we know the virus better, we are better prepared. We know we are going to open a second chapter, but conversely, we have an anxiety-provoking context, there are several sections in red. The teams are exhausted, we fought against coronavirus in March and April, we continued in July and August with in addition to coronavirus, heat waves, and there we will have seasonal diseases, such as flu, respiratory infection, gastro …, the teams are tired.

FBM: Are there contagious outbreaks in the Pays-de-la-Loire?

MW: Very little, very very little, we have a situation under control.

FBM: There were national meetings for nursing homes in Paris, it was mainly about the health crisis and the fatigue of the staff?

MW: Yes, clearly, the diagnosis has been made, there have been many reports from deputies who say that we have an insufficient relationship between staff and residents, with 0.5 employees for 1

resident. The Scandinavian countries are between 1 and 1. The government’s responsibility to take action is required. The reports are good, but we must increase the workforce if we want to support our residents in the best possible conditions.

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