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"We can act against Islamism!"

In order to effectively fight against political Islam, it is necessary to distribute a counter-offensive on two dimensions: Muslim on one side, Republican on the other, considers in a stand for "The World ", essayist and consultant

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Tribune. What to do? The attacks follow the attacks. Jihadists return to the Middle East and advance in France. At the same time, the organization of Islam in our country is trampling. The French Council for Muslim Faith (CFCM) is divided, foreign funding continues to structure French Islam and Islamism is rooted in the territories. The image of the Muslims is deteriorating. Ultra hot. By not being able to compose, our society breaks.

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he renounces the values ​​of the republic and organizes the separation of the rest of French society from certain districts mainly of Muslims? Should we give this victory to the Salafists who judge the corrupt and perverse Western society? Should we give this success to the extreme right? What can the state do at a time when the president of the republic demands all vigilance?

In politics, it is seldom said to do. The president directed the Catholics at the College of Bernardine to commend his commitment to society, the freedom "untimely" of the church. In the present context, made by hatred on both sides, a presidential address to the Muslims is necessary to symbolically repair the rips.

The financing of culture must come from French Muslims

Other important element: developing the doctrine of prevention. It is urgent to design a continuous training of public officials tailored to their responsibilities to learn to identify the real risks and to make no sign of Islamic piety more or less conservative evidence of radicalization.

Third tool, the financing of worship. It can and must come from Muslims in France. Today, some massive profits related to "Islamic consumption" are privatizing. Why does the Directorate-General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Anti-Fraud (DGCCRF), protectors of consumer respect, refrain from controlling the halal sector and the bodies organizing pilgrimage? Why have some mosque presidents enriched themselves for everyone thanks to alms money turning to their personal gain? Why are Bercy's control services so cautious in these fields?

These flows, currently punctuated by the opacity of the French Muslims, can quickly, with their informed consent, be directed to the profit and free exercise of their worship by an organization, in accordance with the law of 1

905. This is the condition of a French Islam . We must therefore apply the current laws. And eventually modernize the law of 1905 to better control foreign money that funds worshiping places and encourages 1901 associations that manage places of worship to pass under 1905 status, more attractive tax and better controlled.

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