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Urgent appeal of the tourist associations to the European Union

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22 September 2020 – 13:00 – Economy

Given the effects of the coronavirus health crisis on their sector, more than twenty tourism and travel associations, including the European Travel Commission, have sent an open letter to EU Commissioner Ursula von der Leyen asking the European Union (EU) to replace the mandatory quarantined with screening tests.

“Travel and tourism in Europe have suffered a devastating blow to the coronavirus crisis due to insufficiently coordinated border restrictions, declining traveler confidence and declining consumer demand,”

; laments Luís Araujo, President of the European Travel Commission. According to him, the industry simply cannot afford to have a similarly fragmented picture with inconsistent and ever-changing national approaches for the coming autumn and winter seasons.

“Freedom of movement and food for millions of people in Europe are at stake today, and the European Commission must lead the way in restoring travel in the EU,” Araujo insists. According to tourism associations, 27 million people working in this sector in Europe could lose their jobs due to the health crisis linked to coronavirus.

Facing this situation, these associations appeal to the EU: “We urge you to make this issue a top priority and urge you to raise this issue directly with the Heads of State and Government … We also urge you to ensure that the Commission takes the lead when it to develop an EU test protocol for travel and its implementation in order to avoid quarantine and reopen borders. “

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