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unlimited and free backup for iOS, it's over

Until now, iPhone and iPad users were able to save their photos for free and unlimited on Google Photos. This will soon be the case, the "bug" is being fixed.

  Figure 1: Google Photos: Unlimited Free Backup for iOS, It's Over

Google announced our Android Police colleagues' desire to fix the "bug" that allowed devices running iOS to save their images in unlimited

Google will fix the "bug" that allows free and unlimited backup for iOS

We talked about last week, the free version of Google Photos allows anyone to store their photos in unlimited but only by allowing the website to compress images . However, since version 1

1, iOS allows the use of HEIC format instead of JPEG format. But this format is more efficient than JPEG so Google didn't compress the images again. This opened a violation that allowed iPhone owners to have unlimited storage and free full-quality photos, which is not possible for Pixel 4 owners and will soon no longer be offered to Pixel owners of previous generations .

But Google has announced that this "bug" would soon be solved . In fact, is not an error but a use that Google did not think of when creating Google Photos. The applied solution is not yet known . Will the algorithm force the conversion to JPEG, with the risk of file size increasing, which would make little sense from an economic point of view? Or will he compress the HEIC files, but in this case why not convert JPEG to this more economical format?

Regardless of the decision, it is more political than technical . Google is seeking to market its unified Google One storage service. This subscription provides online storage space from 100 GB to 30 TB. This enables full-quality photo backup, but also contacts, SMS messages, etc. We understand that if Google no longer offers unlimited original backup to Pixel buyers, it will not offer iPhone owners .

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