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UN mission in Duma to help OPCW experts to investigate

The UN group is holding dialogue with Syrian and Russian authorities in Duma to allow experts to investigate "as soon as possible" at the site of the alleged chemical attack in the nearby Damascus, said UN officials.

The Chemical Weapons Prohibition (OPCW) is stopped because a team of international experts can not get to the site for safety reasons after a reconnaissance mission. The UN was targeting fire on Tuesday.

This alleged attack on "poisonous gases" which killed at least 40 people in the dumplings on April 7, in emergencies, triggered strikes in Washington, Paris and London against Syrian power installations and a nail in diplomatic tensions unpublished.

In a report sent to the Security Council, which AFP could get a copy, the UN Security Department (UNDSS) said it hoped that in order to get the prospect of expanding the OPCW team "as soon as possible"

" UNDSS in Damascus is now engaged in further discussions and coordination with the representatives of the Damascus regime, "and instructs the military police on how to improve and strengthen security measures at some places in the duman," reports the report.

Bashar al-Assad's regime, as pointed out by the first respondents and western countries denied all involvement, since the investigation aimed at verifying whether there have been chemical attacks is awaiting or even threatened.

At the request of the Assad regime, a team of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW ) until Damascus Saturday. But it has not been possible to leave the Syrian capital.

The Syrian regime and its r Yosemite Allies, who announced the total recovery of the dumoprels on the same day, relied on security reasons. Westerners accuse them of impeding the investigation.

Tuesday, a UN team in reconnaissance in Duma "was on fire and an explosive was fired. Returned to Damascus," said General Director of OPCW Ahmet Uzumcu in a statement.

"We do not know when the mission can be used for the duman," he added, adding that investigators would put it in place from the United Nations Security Bureau's green light.


1; Displacement "Capital" –

Westerners working on a draft UN resolution on Syria do not stop raising their doubts and claim that the ability to find evidence in the stupid reduces a little more every day.

The white helmets, the savages of the rebel areas who reported the alleged attack on "poisonous gases" are also worried.

"It's important that the (experts) go to the site of the Assault, all evidence is out there," AFP said a rescuer on terms of anonymity.

"We coordinate daily with OPCW and give them details of where the dead were buried, the location of the attack where the aircraft came from." (Tuesday), the regime said to find a mass grave in al-Jalaa Park where we buried all victims who were killed in the chemical attack and other bombings. The regime conceals all evidence, "he worries.

In his Twitter account, rebel group leader Jaich al-Islam, Mohammed Allouche, accused the regime of" eliminating evidence of chemical attack in the duman "and" stormy burial sites in the search for victims of chemical substances . "

While France assured Monday that the Assad regime had kept a program of chemical weapons" secret ", the Belgian justice stated that three companies in the country would react in May to" wrong representation "in order not to notify the authorities of exports to Syria of a chemical product that can be used to make saringas. "

According to the Flemish week Knack, which disclosed the information, it is alleged that 168 tonnes of isopropanol were alleged to have been exported from Belgium to Syria and Lebanon between mid 2014 and the end of 2016.

– New Front –

Having rebuilt the dum completely and consequently the entire region of Ghouten in the East, after five years of siege and a devastating offensive launched on February 18, the regime is now attacking other opponents.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), the Hajar Al-Aswad government forces bombed the second consecutive night and the Yarmouk camp, the last attachment of the Islamic government group's jihadist group. ) in southern Damascus.

"The regime strengthens pressure for a big offensive or bending IS and pushing it to evacuate the area," said OSDH.

The resumption of these areas would allow the regime to control the entire capital and its surroundings for the first time since 2012.

Since 2015, President Assad, with the crucial support from Russia, has overthrown an unfavorable military situation.

Seven years after the war, which has killed more than 350,000 people and threw millions of people on the roads, now he controls more than half of Syria, where two thirds of the population

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