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Tunisia: All the President's uncertainties

This Saturday, October 12 is Election Day in Tunisia. The two candidates face the second round of the presidential election on October 13.

At the same time, the preliminary results (but not yet final) of the parliamentary elections on October 6 confirmed the first figures announced, namely a victory of Ennahda, followed by Qalb Tounès, with 52 and 38 of 217 seats for the next People's Assembly, respectively. prone to a balkanized and fragmented parliament.

From these legislative elections comes a fragmented parliament where each of the two parties that have come to the race does not get the 109 seats that must govern. The shortage, 130 seats, is divided between a variety of political parties and independence ̵

1; nothing or little unites, but with which it will be necessary to compose.

It is clear, given the result of the Urna, that the Tunisians, at least a large part of them, even angry with the Islamist party, continue to trust him, but also and above all that a great Frenchman has moved behind the new political figure of the Media mogul, Nabil Karoui, is a country

The latter, who has been detained since August and released just two days before the presidential deadline, has obviously benefited from sympathy with his situation and his inability to "go to meet his countrymen to do his campaign, to drive himself as the country's other political force.

But the situation of the latter is at least unique and sets the stage for singing the Jasmine country, which will have to choose between a " university without political affiliation, which went door-to-door as an election campaign, and a communications magnate, who set packages to attract roads "

Ennahda: Mixed Victory

" The results of the legislative elections were not a surprise to observers in Tunisia, who anticipated a powerful force in Qalb Songs by Nabil Karoui, at the same time as a regression of voters in Ennahda, although the formation still retains a not negligible popular base " explains Neila El Hammi, editor, to Ultra Tunisia

Interviewed by Hespress FR the journalist and activist, said it would be difficult to move on with the result of the presidential election against the background of the registered elections

" Therefore, it is still difficult to predict any repercussions of these results on the outcome of the presidential election because Karoui enjoys sympathetic capital because of its position in the country. less singular, especially marked by a torment in the second round while in custody, as Kais Saeid can count on the support of several parties, including Ennahda, who called out to him and demanded a vote in his favor, not to mention the young the people who overwhelmingly voted for him in the first round ", she analyzes.

If the polls give Saied winners of the second round, it is true that the population can turn things into" the Karoui authorities who kept holding him in detention, rob him of campaign. "

Vote sanction?

Also comment on the results of the legislation, ours in the Author argues that" it is really fair to speak of a sanction vote against the old system in general, with a real collapse of Nidae Tounes from the doomed Beji Kaid Essebsi (3 places for more than 80 2024) and the more than modest pace achieved by Tahya Tounès Youssef Chahed .

As for Ennahda, the party is indeed in leadership, but this victory remains mixed, because if education is in a position to form a government, it will be forced to form difficult alliances, to get parliamentary approval, the journalist and stresses that Ennahda's "victory", despite the criticism that was held, can be explained by a certain spread of votes given the diversity of lists and independent candidates.

And to remember that " it should also not be forgotten that the formation of Islamic obedience also chan speeches during his last campaign, to attract young people who have been brought against the control system adopted in recent years and who threw the country into a difficult economic and social situation .

But, as far as the presidential election is concerned, Neila El Hammi states that it is really difficult to talk about voting, in the sense that the two candidates are somehow " New Faces " and "Not Yet Burned" and this may explain the valiant enthusiasm they are subjected to

A crucial television debate

If Kais Saied had two weeks to fight and try to gather new voters for the second round, Karoui, who had been released two days before the election silence, had only two days to convince.

But the television debate, the first of democratic Tunisia, seems to have thrown the dice of this election so much in the view of the observers "Karoui was fever, and Saied serene."

If this confrontation did not lead to major announcements, the TV service still allowed to better identify the challengers

And the report seems to be unanimous: Attorney Kaïs Saied scored points through its ease of answering questions. His professorial tone, which explained his answers, decided with the attitude of Nabil Karoui, more relaxed but also more hesitant on certain subjects.

Would the Tunisians have already made their choice?

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