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Trump shows confidence in the mission of the CIA chief of Pyongyang

US President Donald Trump has shown great confidence in the dramatic introduction of the ongoing dialogue with North Korea and welcomes the outcome of a secret meeting between CIA boss and Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang. 19659002] Mike Pompeo, one of the closest leaders of the American president, visited the North Korean capital during Easter weekend. "He just left North Korea, he had a great meeting with Kim Jong Un, and he really followed him," said the US president on Wednesday.

This visit by Mike Pompeo to Pyongyang marks a sudden acceleration of preparations for a historic summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Pressas to become state secretary, Mike Pompeo should continue to address this issue in his new role if confirmed by the Senate in the coming days.

Donald Trump spoke from his luxurious Florida residence, Mar-a-Lago, where he had invited the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, another important player in the matter. The two men spend two days there since Tuesday, made by political talks but also by the occasions of relaxation and parts of golf, a common passion. "

" Mike Pompeo met Kim Jong Un in North Korea (… "The meeting went well and a good relationship was established," said US President's early Wednesday morning on Twitter. "Nuclear torture will be a major event for the world, but also for North Korea. "

Concerned about North Korea's progress in the ballistic and nuclear areas, the United States has always posed the prospect of a nuclear weapon recognition of the Korean Peninsula as a prerequisite for direct talks with Pyongyang

US President had created a major surprise on March 8th and accepted an invitation to meet Kim Jong Un, sent by South Korea after the relaxation launched in February in conjunction with the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games


1; Peace Treaty –

This new context led to a blossom of diplomatic initiatives unthinkable just a few months ago.

Seoul has sold Wednesday to study ways for a possible peace agreement with the North. One in the Korean peninsula ended in 1953 after a violence support, but no peace treaty was signed, so the two Koreans are still technically in war.

The demilitarized zone that divides the peninsula is boring with mines and fortifications.

The third inter-Korean summit since the end of the war, scheduled for April 27, may be an opportunity to raise the issue of official declaration to end the conflict on the peninsula.

"We are investigating the possibility of replacing the Korean Army regime with a peace regime," said a senior official in Blåhuset to the press, South Korean presidency

"They have my blessing to discuss the end of the war. People do not realize that the Korean War is over." said Donald Trump on Tuesday with Shinzo Abe

"The question of peace agreement is a very difficult problem," commented Koo Kab-woo, a professor at North Korea's University of Studies.

Pyongyang and Seoul both claim sovereignty over the peninsula you whole. A treaty could mean that the two Koreans recognize each other.

The North would probably request US soldiers to be exposed to the peninsula. South Korean security advisor Chung Eui-yong said Wednesday that Seoul and Washington wanted Pyongyang to give up their nuclear ambitions.

– "We respect them" –

The summit of the Intercorean Summit, whose first hand between MM. Kim and Moon will be broadcast live on television, Seoul announced on Wednesday after a meeting of work between the two parties Wednesday.

But the world is already looking face to face that takes shape between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. It will take place in early June or maybe a bit earlier, said US President, Tuesday.

Donald Trump mentioned "five seats" possible for this summit without further details. Panmunjom, a city in the demilitarized zone, is one of the assumptions regularly mentioned, such as South Korea or North Korea and China.

Beijing is Pyongyang's foremost allies, but their relationships have been updated with the proliferation of ballistic missile fire and nuclear test in northern Beijing that support UN sanctions.

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