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Trump, a "morally insanely" president, according to former FBI boss

Stopped silently for many months, James Comey decided to get out of the shadows and not go there. And this is not to compliment Donald Trump about his political action or his presidency, on the contrary. For several days, the FBI's former boss is very critical of the US president, and on Sunday, in an interview on the ABC channel, he returned to the allegation, saying, among other things, the Republican was "morally unable" to lead the United States. Throughout this interview, James Comey, fired in 2017 by Donald Trump as an FBI leader, paints a very ugly portrait of the president, depicted as a liar "dirt all around him." [19659002″Jagtrorintepådehistoriernaatthanskullevarapsykisktbristfälligelleridetidigastadiernaavdemens”

;sadedentidigareFBI-chefen”JagtrorinteatthanärmedicinsktolämpligJagtroratthanärmoralisktoförmögenattvarapresident”VårpresidentmåstevisarespektochhållasigtilldevärderingarsomliggerihjärtatavvårtlandDenviktigaste[de ces valeurs] is the truth. This president can not do that, "said James Comey. "The problem with this president is that he dirtes all around him," said the former FBI leader. "And the question is […] what level of soiling ultimately makes you unable to achieve your goal of protecting the country and serving it."

For Trump James Comey is just a "scratch"

And James Comey collects a complaint against Donald Trump. "A person who talks about women and treats them like meat pieces, who constantly lie about the important things and the little things, insisting that the American people believe in them, this person is not fit to be president of the United States for moral reasons ". The White House Tenant kicked James Comey in 2017 by questioning how the FBI had conducted the investigation for Democrat Hillary Clinton's illegal use of a private email server when also a state secretary.

The president also lambasted the FBI investigation into suspicions about the collaboration between Donald Trump's law and Russian officials during the presidential campaign from 2016. James Comey is from publishing a 300-page book entitled A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lie and Leadership where he paints a white-tailed portrait of the American president and accuses him of being obsessed with his image and negligence by the good public. The book presents Donald Trump as a Mafia boss, a dishonest and egocentric creature. The Republican, meanwhile, was released again on Sunday against the FBI's former boss in a series of tweets. He wrote that Hillary Clinton's e-mail inquiry was conducted "stupidly" and called James Comey "scratch".

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