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TJ Wears probable new hot shot!

After two huge games, TJ Warren continued his work on Tuesday night for the Pacers. The wing seems unstoppable since he arrived at the bubble.

If you are asked who is the best player since the beginning of the meetings in the bubble, what is your answer? We imagine that the name of TJ Warren would come up often among the fans. After a first card against the Sixers, the wing does not seem to come back.

He continued his harvest earlier this week against Washington to confirm his form. Did he stop in front of Orlando on Tuesday night? Not at all, on the contrary.

First of all, yes, the Pacers won again: 1

20-109 against Magic. It is the third victory in as many games for Indiana. The strong man in this meeting? Warren, author of 32 points, (13/17 shooting), 3 assists and 3 steals. Cleanliness still perfect when shooting. At halftime, the former Suns player was 21 points, 8/8 shooting.

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Warren is definitely a name to look closely at now in the bubble. The wing does not come down from its cloud and confirms that he is on fire. So much the better for the Pacers, who have a series of victories in his wake.

We did not see it coming, but TJ Warren is the man of the moment in the NBA. We are curious to know if he can keep up this pace for a long time. See you at the next Pacers to find out.

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