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This news in the charger on iPhone 12 which should be for sale


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According to the L0vetodream leak, the box for future iPhone 12s may contain a braided charging cable, which is considered to be more durable than standard models. That would be a first for Apple.

Charging cables that break easily or are already damaged after a few months of use … Apple seems to have heard the recurring complaint from its users and is ready to offer them a better option.

As revealed by L0vetodream, a Twitter account that forwards information about Apple products before their official ones, the Apple brand designs a new cable called Lightning whose resistance will be improved with a braided fabric.

Thus, according to the source, the next models of iPhone 12 could be supplied with this new nylon cable with a USB-C end instead of the conventional USB-A.

The cable would measure 1.05 meters, a length close to the current Apple cables, for a thickness of 3.04 millimeters. It is therefore a bit thicker than the current USB-C Lightning cable.

The Lightning cable should be the only accessory included in the box on the iPhone 12, because according to rumors, Apple will not offer a charger or headphones this year, and they must be purchased separately.

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