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These independent Catalans bloc the automotive route of Spain and France

The new act of protest in protest against the condemnation of my octobre de neuf dirigeants indépendantistes catalans in the lords of the prison for their role in the tentative de secession of 2017.

Every interview of the lendemain des Legislative espagnoles, marches on a lower level of social recourse and pouvoir and bond to the extremist, with complex encore plus formation of government.

Plus, the vehicles of the circulation circulate at the frontier level. Quelque 300 people sont sorties of vehicles for mounting a barricade. The address of the installer of a sort of scene of today's parlors and the designers of the lorry, and a photograph of the AFP.

The action and provocation of the circulation sur plus the 20

"Tous à la Jonquera", many frontiers in France and Spain, avoiding criticism in a public diffusion on Twitter of the mysterious platform forms "Tsunami Democratique".

"This mobilization is addressed to the international community in order to compose in the State Department, as well as to the parish," and to an individual platform in the application of the telegram messaging application. [1

9659003] "Tsunami Democratique" Avaits Organizational Premiere Grand Action on the Judgment of the Sentence Judiciary vs. Independents, October 14, and Blocage Organizer the access to the airport of Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčwhich is the terminus of the premier affrontations of the police.

Dance of the suivants, the other manifestations of avant-garde and heurts violents of youth manifestations and forces of order in Barcelona and the dance of many Catalans.

The Committee on the Defense of the Republic (CDR), form the Department of Radicals of the National Collective of 2017, appeals to La Jonquera

The concessionaire author of French Vinci and Averti les usagers que depuis 09h00 (08h00 GMT), "the A9 motorway (state) coupé dans les deux sens de circulation" and the itinerary of the aviation aviation station and place.

Interrogé par l'AFP, la gendarmerie a precise to the blockage of the frontline espagnol.

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