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Theft of a Symbol to Paralyze the Senate – La Libre Afrique

"Today, thieves have received the symbol of the authority of the parliament's upper house, the mass," said Senate's media and public affairs officer, Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi. "This action is an act of treason because it is an attempt to overthrow by forcing a branch of Nigeria's federal government and it has to be treated accordingly," he said in a statement.

According to press reports, clashes followed the mass media in the Senate. The rod was then placed in a black terrain vehicle on which the thieves fled.

The statement from the upper house accuses a senator who has recently been interrupted from being behind the robbery. Without the mass, a metal rod, one meter long held by the Senate's President at his arrival and his departure from the Chamber, can not be united.

This is not the first time the mass has disappeared, theft is a way to express dissatisfaction with Parliament's function. In 2000, Senate Rapporteur Chuba Okadigbo himself took over the mass he had taken to his home after an argument with his alternate. He refused to return and had to build a new mass to enable the congregation to function.

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