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the web version now offers smart suggestions

The web version of Apple Music, which was introduced for the first time last year, returns this week with a new beta. The ability for Apple to add some new features for those who do not necessarily have access to the application on Mac, iPad or iPhone.

The web version of Apple Music, back in beta, is equipped with some new features

The web version of Apple Music, back in beta, is enriched with some new features // Source: Apple

The web version of Apple Music inherits some new features this week, including some from the new version of the app for macOS Big Sur and iOS 14. Back in beta after being introduced last year, and officially launched in April, this web version now includes a new tab ” Listen up “Or easier” Listen »On the French version. This tab takes over from the old category ” To you », And offers suggestions for songs, albums and playlists to subscribers on the platform.

An aesthetic redesign to better stick to macOS Big Sur and its new look

Tabs ” Listen »Based on their recommendations for songs you have recently listened to on Apple Music, but also on your favorite music genres to display content dynamically, sorted by genre, artist, but also by new releases, among others. A known process used by most other platforms offlowmusical.

Through its new beta, the web version of Apple Music also offers an updated design, closer to the new interface for macOS Big Sur. The built-in icons on the side window are shown in red whileplaylistsMix take advantage of the newartworkanimated previews in early July on the Apple Music app for iOS.

On the other hand, we must point out the noticeable absence of some important features. On this web version, Apple has actually omitted the manual creation ofplayslistsor addition of lyrics.

For users who do not have access to Apple Music or iTunes, this new Apple Music Web site can be accessed at this address.

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