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the vehicle market is increasing

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5 August 2020 – 06:00 – Economy

After a modest recovery in the automotive market, at the beginning of June last year, sales (passenger cars / LCV) increased by 8.03% in July 2020.

According to statistics from the Association of Vehicle Importers in Morocco (AIVAM), the resumption of sales in the Moroccan vehicle market is now a reality after a historic decline in growth due to the health crisis.

During June, vehicle sales decreased by 36.4% before increasing by 1

0.43% for 12,817 units sold in July 2020, compared with July 2019 (11,606 units). Regarding light commercial vehicles (LCV), sales growth was 8.03% in July 2020 compared to July 2019, with 1,560 units sold against 7.96%, which confirms the recovery in sales.

In terms of car sales, all segments together, it has 14,377 units sold, an increase of 10.17% compared to the same period in 2019. According to AIVAM, this performance is mixed, as some importers continue to show lower sales compared to others who returned quickly to growth.

In addition, sales decreased during the first seven months of 2020 by 35.86% (60,151 units), compared to the same period in 2019, according to statistics from AIVAM.

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