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The tourist breaks two-year-old statue in the museum while posing for a selfie

Ph. Facebook / Carabinieri it.

Austrian tourist slapped the toes of a famous 1

9e in an Italian museum. He was quickly identified by the police and admitted that he had damaged the sculpture while posing, lying on it, to take his picture.

Despite the coronavirus, many tourists still admire the wonders that abound in museums around the world. Last Friday, a group of Austrian visitors discovered the Antonio Canova Museum in Possagno (Treviso). Among the sculptures in this gallery, the statue of Paolina Bonaparte, made between 1804 and 1808 by the Italian artist. One of the tourists did not hesitate to lie on this work of art while his wife took a picture of it.

When he stood up, he injured three of the statue’s toes. He did not whisper a word to the guards and panicked. But his gesture did not go unnoticed as the scene was filmed by surveillance cameras.

Ph. Facebook / Carabinieri it.

Ready to take on the consequences

Police were quick to identify this “pest”, but it came close to falling through the cracks. Due to the pandemic, the museum actually registers the identity of all visitors, which is not usually done. The agents therefore quickly found this Austrian tourist, who had booked his visit in advance by e-mail.

The man in his 50s had already returned home when the police contacted him. He admitted facts, Italian media reports. He sent an apology along with his contact details and a copy of his identity card to the police station. He said he was ready to take full responsibility and face the consequences of his actions.

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