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The Ramadan affair

Dance "L'Affaire Ramadan" (Fayard), journalist Bernadette Sauvaget remounted the file of the sexual assault survey of Tariq Ramadan and accusé. It is the arrest of the personality of the preacher musulman.

By Cécile Chambraud Published auhourd'hui at 07h00

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Le livre. C'est, and France, are the scandal les plus retentissants de l'ère post- # metoo. On October 20, 201

7, at 9h31, the Tweet, Henda Ayari, senior salafiste de militant feminist, accuse Tariq Ramadan of the sexual sexual aggression. Le jour même, or gates plain to violet, follow suit to one's own femme. Otherwise, aujourd'hui quatre. Celui qui est pointé du doigt est, depuis vingt-cinq ans, une figure de premier plan de l'islam european. Conférencier, author of the Nombreux Livres, the Suisse and the Evolution of Discourse of Affirmation of the Faithful Muslims of Occidental Occupations, responds to the question of the youths of the continent. An intellectual form of the generation of militants, specialized in France. These are the other personalities in the depot occupying a part of the terrain, as opposed to an orator's courage.

The forces of life are the center of the detail of the relationship complexes of the Faries avec Tariq Ramadan, in terms of a parfois conduits in chief of liens, in moins numériques, bien après or quéelles decrivent comme des aggressions

Comme le prégès de léments de léqués parus dans la la presse, cette Affair Ramadan is very complex . Bernadette Sauvaget is a true unscrupulous, précis and très bien informé. The journalist of the Libération made a note of emoluments, except for the plaintiff's plaintiff, "Brigitte", a suissesse qui accuse Tariq Ramadan de l'avoir viola toute une nuit, and October 2008, at the chambre d'hôtel de Geneva. It also proposes to look more sinister about the other females in porta plain. Les similitudes ne 's limiting pass to extreme violence is not a font, but the "peur de mourir" is not a dissent at all, but auxiliary qui aurient suivie l'agression – on devine mieux, à The lecture, which is about a conduct of youth in the head of Tariq Ramadan and the detention of the pendant neuf mois.

Article reservation to subscribers Lire except Henda Ayari: «Check out the courage of the courier parole comme j'ai osé le faire »

The forces of life are the center of the detail of the relations complexes of the females avec Tariq Ramadan, in terms of a parfois conduits in the main of the liens, in moins numriques, bien après ce qu'elles decrivent comme des aggressions. Read the messages reconstituted by the investigators through the price of the interpretation contradictors. In order to defend the confederation of the utilizer rather than tel or the plaintiff's message.

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