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The observer of Morocco and Africa Moroccan seasonal workers victims of sexual harassment: info or inx? – The observer of Morocco and Africa

Videos have circulated in recent days, which shows that some Moroccan seasonal workers are subjected to harassment and exploitation in Spanish farms. The Ministry of Labor and Labor has called for "vigilance" for such allegations. This department reacts because it is through Anapec that seasonal workers win contracts in Spain.
The working group emphasizes in its development, addressed to all who follow this topic that videos circulating in some places present tomt cultivation fields and highlight events that may have occurred between March and April 2017.

In addition, one of 25 years old complainants who, according to her statement, would have begun their employment in Spanish farms when she was, first 15 years, bearing in mind that the last selection operation for female workers was held in 2009, contrary to the terms of election of seasonal workers employed by the National Agency for Promotion of Employment and Skills The same source relu

The same source points out that the Spanish consular posts granted work permits to 14,676 female workers, of whom 15,331 applied for visas between 6 February and 7 May, which part of the monitoring of the seasonal workers situation and as it has been programmed since the beginning of the agricultural campaign from 2018, a Moroccan-Spanish joint delegation will visit the Spanish province of Huelva this week to discuss asking about the conditions for work and residence for this population.

This trip will also be an opportunity to discuss with Spanish side problems in dealing with seasonal migration. same source, and notes that whenever a complaint is forwarded to the Ministry of Labor or the Employment Agency (ANAPEC), it is reportedly reported to the Spanish authorities that they take the necessary measures.

The employment process for seasonal workers in Spain is governed by the employment agreement between the two countries on 25 July 2001 and that the offer from the Spanish side is treated in strict accordance with the provisions of the agreement and according to the current procedures, the work department adds and notes that under this agreement, Moroccan workers all rights granted to their Spanish counterparts in terms of working conditions, working hours, pay, insurance and social security.

Similarly, the sector of fruit and strawberries covered by the provisions of the Convention is signed by the Spanish Government and industry professionals and according to which foreign workers have the same rights. According to the Ministry of Labor's Communication, the Agricultural Association for 2018 may be described as exceptional and marked by the receipt of the Moroccan authorities, according to the Ministry of Labor's communication, the same source.

after several years of stagnation due to the economic crisis in Spain, an offer of a large number of employment opportunities for Moroccan women workers in Spanish farms, especially in the province of Huelva, various discussions between Moroccan officials and their Spanish counterparts in the context of coordination meetings and meeting of the Permanent Joint Moroccan-Spanish Group for Migration.

These discussions resulted in Morocco being granted 7,000 opportunities for repetitive jobs, in addition to a new generic job offer of approximately 11,000 jobs by five associations of Spanish farms in the Province of Huelva

In order to meet all the conditions for the success of this operation, coordination meetings of the government presidency in the presence of the departments. concerned. In this regard, all necessary measures were taken in record time to carry out this operation, managed by ANAPEC between 29 January and 1 February 2018, with the support of local authorities, which resulted in the choice of 10 339 workers in accordance with the conditions as recruited by the recruiters, concludes the statement.

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