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The Iraqi state refuses to resume SAMIR

The Iraqi state was interested in taking over the Moroccan refiner to deliver the western European hydrocarbon market. The Iraqi delegation, who has visited SAMIR, finally concluded that the project would be unbeatable.

At Soufiane Chahid

SAMIR will not be taken over by the Iraqi state. This is indicated by the Iraqi news site Ayn Al Iraq News in an article published Thursday, April 19th. The media quoted Dyae Moussaoui, adviser to Iraqi oil minister Jabbar Ali al-Lueibi

Officially stated that " a Technical Delegation of the Department of Oil visited Morocco to inspect the state refinery and study the possibility for the Iraqi government to take advantage of it, whether through exploitation or investment or anything else . "

The delegation concluded that" the results are not encouraging and the case will be closed due to the refinery's technical conditions that are outdated and not interested in Iraq ", according to Iraqi media.

The Refinery has been opened in 1

961 and has ceased operations since 2015. " The Department's delegation went (in Morocco) because (Recovery Project Ed) was of mutual interest to both parties. If the refinery has no interest in our country, we will come not included in this contract "adds Dyae Moussaoui.

According to Medias24, the project's two other partners (BB Energy and European Council) want to keep their offer despite the Iraqi exit. This would mean looking for another partner for the table round.

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