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The incredible observation of analysts on LeBron James and Anthony Davis

On a mission since the start of the season to take home the title for the Lakers, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have both delivered great individual exercises. The king, however, would surpass his teammate in an area where the latter has created his reputation.

The years go by and Lebron James continues to dominate the league as few players his age have ever done. At 35, he appeared again this year as a contender for the title of MVP and would surely have won it without a colossal Giannis Antetokounmpo. After all, it is his collective record that matters most now, and not necessarily individually.

To decorate a little more his trophy cabinet therefore urged the king Anthony Davis last summer to support him in his task. Aside from his obvious goal-scoring qualities and an ongoing offensive threat, the New Orleans driver also took back defensive DNA that had left the franchise for a few years.

It is no coincidence that Unibrow was one of the finalists for the Defensive Player of the Year award, which was also preceded by Greek Freak. But what if you heard that Angelino̵

7;s best defender was not AD, but well … LeBron? However, this is the hypothesis that Zach Lowe raised in the last episode of his podcast.

I’ve interviewed guys who do analysis to find out who’s the best wing defender in the league. Some of them responded, saying that their number put LeBron as the Lakers’ best defender, not Anthony Davis.

At first glance, this sentence is obviously surprising. If he has always positioned himself as a good defender in his career, LBJ has been able to show greatness in this sector in recent years. And although he knew how to increase his level on this side of the field this season, his reputation is far from Davis’.

Still, a quick glance at advanced defensive stats for both men confirms this point. LeBron, for example, has a better defensive rating than his home (103.6, against 106.4), but also better defensive stocks (0.154, against 0.127) during the last regular season. Proverbs say that numbers do not lie … or do not tell the whole story?

LeBron James better defender than Anthony Davis? The claim is likely to be debated, but above all illustrates that the two Lakers have given themselves soul and body at this level this season.

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