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The human Ken becomes Barbie

Dispatches | April 17, 2018 at 19 h 49 min | Updated April 17, 2018

Rodrigo Alves, eternal fan of the Ken doll, the man of the no less mysterious Barbie, seems no longer satisfied with his masculine appearance is identical with his plastic idol. One evening, Rodrigo disguised as Jessica Alves, a beautiful brunette with enchanting hair and seductive curves.

The 36-year-old Brazilian administrator underwent more than 40 cosmetic surgical operations to look like Ken, his "model of perfection". In total, he paid no less than $ 400,000 to achieve the desired result.

Rodrigo had his nose, mouth, thighs, calves and toes redone, like silicone abs for a guaranteed "chocolate bar" effect. The thirty-one, the son of a Brazilian billionaire, hated his body before all these operations, "I was born in the wrong body. The only way to correct this refusal to myself and to be in agreement with my soul was plastic surgery, the sport did not work for me because of my hormonal problems, "he trusted in the magazine Lord in March 201


His images dressed as a woman posted on his Instagram account caused a black anger on his father who threatened to cut the food He had to reoffender. His parent had already mentioned his fear of seeing his son change sex. As for the human Ken, his evening in the Jessica shoes was a real success with his followers, but especially an experience that flattered his self-esteem. In one of his stories published during this Instagram night before removing all his Jessica snapshots, he wrote:

" It was nice to be someone other than Rodrigo Alves. I get a lot of attention when I go out , but this time I had a good time like Jessica Alves. "

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