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The future of the Iran Agreement depends on Europeans, says former American negotiator Robert Malley

For Robert Malley, former advisor to Barack Obama and former US negotiator of the Iranian nuclear agreement, there is no doubt that Donald Trump will "kill" the Tuesday this text requested by its predecessor Democrat.

"Europeans must now ensure that Iran remains in the agreement", if they really want to save him, warns who now stands for the International Crisis Group (ICG) tanker in an interview with AFP in Washington.

QUESTIONS: Why is this agreement reached 2015, and the US President is threatening to leave on Tuesday, so important?

ANSWER: This is an agreement that allows you to get what the US administration, the international community and all the countries negotiating it had assigned the goal of ensuring that Iran could never acquire a nuclear weapon. And today, I'm not saying that, but the International Atomic Energy Agency, which verifies the Iranian attitude, as well as all the other countries that have negotiated it, including those considered more France, but also the government department and the White House itself: they have all certified month after month that Iran carefully respects the agreement.

And this is the regime of inspection the most global ever negotiated with a country that has not been defeated in a war. If they try to cheat, there are so many warning signs (…) that this will be detected safely.

QUESTIONS: US President says he has serious "flaws" and even Europeans, after defending the murderer, recognizes problems. Is not it a diplomatic victory for Donald Trump?

ANSWER: Hi, yes, he managed to change the story. There are two reasons for this: on the one hand, Europeans try to appease him, it is their strategy, rather than engaging in a confrontation with him, trying to persuade him by giving him the feeling that he has won. But I think they all try to say the same thing, which is important to them: + Keep the agreement +, even if they realize that there are other issues to deal with.

Frankly, I think if Trump could claim victory he could. He could say, "Without me, Europe would never have been so worried about the Iranian missile program, Iran's regional attitude."

But all we have seen under this administration is an indication that he wants to withdraw from the agreement. Because he thinks it's an inheritance from its predecessor and that everything his predecessor has done is a disaster. Because it was a campaign promise and it is a president who wants to say that he has kept his promises. And because it is a position supported by many of those he is listening to, the Israelis, some golfing countries, are his own advisors.

Our commitment is that he will retreat.

QUESTION: C So is the contract's death? Or can Europeans still save him?

ANSWER: Trump recalls or stays at the moment but only expels its decision while still calling on Europeans to set him up. This would only maintain the current uncertainty, which is a major deterrent to investment in Iran.

It is therefore clear that the United States wants to kill the deal. Therefore, the ICG says that the Europeans (…) must ensure that Iran remains in the agreement. It will be very difficult. We try to show which Europeans can do to minimize the effects of a resumption of US sanctions: trying to protect European companies subject to sanctions, trying to group smaller companies less exposed to the United States so that they work collectively in Iran [1

9659002] Keeping the agreement is a better solution for Europe and for Iran. Our message to the Iranians is this: it is better to have some continuity in trade relations with Europe and to isolate the United States than to be isolated and to have Europeans and Americans on their backs. For the truth, tomorrow's (Tuesday, ed) US reinstates sanctions and the Iranian response is also a withdrawal of the agreement, Europe will have no choice. It can reject the responsibility of President Trump (…), but it will also restore its sanctions if Iran revives its nuclear program.

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