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The features of the Google Pixel 5 are real… and it will come in handy

In cinematic worlds, the Pixel 5 will be presented as a “reboot” rather than a “sequel”. In fact, according to the technical sheet of the device that obtained our brothers from WinFuture, Google has decided to opt for a new direction with its new smartphone star. The Pixel 5 does not compete with the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S20 and is addressed to a less elitist clientele. This should allow the American brand to market 629 euros, against 769 euros for its predecessor.

A very classic recipe

Unplug high-end gamers, it’s done with the Snapdragon 765G range this year. Compatible 5G and coupled with 8 GB of RAM, this can offer the Pixel 5 a good balance between performance and good energy management. One can therefore hope for a higher autonomy in the cell of the Pixel 4 which, it is known, was calamitous. Google made the choice to use a 4080 mAh battery with its new device and was charged with an 1

8W charger in addition to the rechargeable battery.

We are just supporting the no-charge reload. At the risk of surprising you, she keeps the miracle! In effect, the Pixel 5’s is made of recycled aluminum… a material normally incompatible with this technology (the Qi charge drives the device, which does not appreciate the metal). It’s hâte de savoir comment Google a fait.

Ahead, the Pixel 5 abandons the 3D facial recognition of the Pixel 4 and its motion detector for a simple little point. The OLED screen of the Pixel 5, of 6 inches, is therefore perfectly on board. It also benefits from a 90 Hz charging rate. I do not hope, however, to find a screen capture device under the screen, Google has placed one at the rear of the device. It returns to the design of the Pixel 3, as if the Pixel 4 had never existed.

Finally, photo side, Google conserves its 12 Mpix emblematic boosted on artificial intelligence. The brand nevertheless chooses to abandon the TV lens of its Pixel 4 to implement in place an ultra large-angle attached to a 16 Mpix sensor, a first for a smartphone signed G.

It’s September 30th that Google unveils its Pixel 5, in addition to a Pixel 4a 5G endowed with the same but less well-equipped processor (a single photo camera, no rechargeable battery, etc.). Do these devices allow Google to finally take market share? We’ve sent it to you.

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