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The family miraculously wonders about the six-meter fall in the elevator

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The elevator in a building in Marseille was torn off all cables. A mother and her two small children risked falling six meters into the void. Firefighters managed to rescue them in the extremities.

They had the fear of their lives. A mother and her two children aged 4 and 1 climb into the elevator to their building in the 8th arrondissement of Marseille, Thursday morning. No doubt about going to school. The elevator must go down from the 3rd floor to the ground floor when “everything has failed”, says a marine firefighter that Provence.

The cottage commutes and lands on the second floor. All cables that held the elevator are torn off. There is indeed a security system called the “parachutes” but it is out of order, Marseille indicates daily. There is an emergency: the slightest movement in the cabin can cause the lift to fall six meters below.

Firefighters immediately mobilized and installed large metal supports under the cottage to prevent a fall that would be fatal to the mother and her children. An hour later, the firefighters manage to force open the cabin door and get the family out. “Luckily we had secured ourselves below, because when we took them out the elevator slipped two inches and landed on our props. Without it, the family would have fallen and our sailors with it “, a spokesman for the firefighters in Provence.

Why are the elevator cables torn and especially why the emergency system was not in operation? A police investigation must determine this.

The mother and her children were shocked but they were not in hospital.


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