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the elected representative of Villeneuve-sur-Lot tells the threats he received

Last Friday, in the office of the new mayor of Villeneuve-sur-Lot, to try to understand which method he has chosen to use since the election. Guillaume Lepers sweeps away all decisions made regarding safety and goes far beyond the question of the city’s purity, which he has made his leitmotif. He insists on the happiness that is his to see elected officials and officials working together to change the bad habits that some residents take. “We have a small whatsapp group to communicate and hope as soon as we see a black dot that we report on. I also asked that they make me report all inappropriate behavior towards our agents from the side of some citizens who lack citizenship. Each negative feedback results in a letter addressed to the person concerned “.

Guillaume Lepers was far from suspecting that it was his chosen one who was responsible for cleanliness who would undergo the most violent accusation in the following days. And for good reason, the latter left a complaint at the police station for death threats. He agreed to tell us what he was going through and asked us not to reveal his identity. “On Monday, with the city̵

7;s concierge in charge of its cleanliness, we returned from touring the waste points when I was called by a bar employee. He came quickly to me and reminded me that the terrace of the café where he works is not clean enough. I explain to him that according to an agreement between the town hall and the owners of the cafes and restaurants, the terraces have been widened but that their cleaning is up to the merchants. do not reassure him. He continues to denigrate the new municipality and scold me publicly. “

“When you go to town, now pay attention to yourself …”

The city councilor therefore decides to call the employee’s manager to tell him about the virulent exchange: “He apologized and told me to discuss with him”. The intervention must not have pleased the launcher. On Tuesday, around 12:30, the elected representative will return from his tour, which is dedicated to the purity of the city when he meets him again. “I get him to write to get closer and I think his boss’s intervention calmed him down and hoped to calm our relations,” Mr Villeneuve-sur-Lot continues. “He asks me to stand aside to talk and wants us to This is where things will start to get worse: “He got stuck on me, explained to me that he had been in jail and that he was not afraid to go back. He hit me:” I will put a bullet in your head. “Fortunately, there were witnesses, including a municipal police officer in civilian clothes, who felt that things were going badly, approached. I told him that these words are serious and that he must be careful what he does. says, but he repeated them several times and went so far as to say: “from today when you walk in Villeneuve-sur-Lot, do be careful in front of you and behind you you will be shot in the head. “These are violent words.”

The elected villeneuvois said “not to be afraid”. It must be said that he is a former high-level rugby player: “It shocked me more than scared.” In any case, he assures us that this will not make him retire from his mission. “We always expect to face the brakes when we want change in a city. We know that we will not please everyone, that we will receive complaints, but when we listen to as many citizens as possible, we do not expect to be threatened with death. “The author of the threats was taken into custody on Wednesday at Villeneuve-sur-Lot police station. He was released the same day after acknowledging the facts. He will be the subject of a performance next February following prior admission of guilt. It is a procedure that makes it possible to quickly assess the perpetrator of a crime that acknowledges the facts with which he is accused.

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