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The discovery of four mass graves from the 1994 genocide

Twenty-four years after the Rwandan genocide, at least 200 bodies found in a city not far from Kigali.

At least 200 remains were found in four mass graves from the genocide committed in Rwanda in 1994 and were discovered in a town outside Kigali, told the memory of the Rwandan Genocide's memory director on Thursday.

The body will be buried in a "worthy" place. The bodies were discovered on Sunday in the village of Rusororo after several days of excavation of residents dug up to 20 meters deep. "Hiding the bodies was one of the ways used to erase traces of the genocide committed; the bodies found in Rusororo will not be the last ones found," said Honore Gatera, head of the Rwandan genocide's memorial, according to which This Detection, 24 years after the genocide, is not a surprise. He said the bodies would be buried in a "worthy" place for relatives of those killed during the genocide to pay homage to them.

800,000 deaths between April and July 1

994. When the bodies were forced on Sunday, some survivors of the genocide tried to identify relatives who were lost in 1994 on the basis of clothes found in the mass grave. The main organization of survivors, Ibuka, believes that these 200 bodies are those of a group of 3,000 people killed after they gathered at Rusororo during the genocide and whose bodies were never found. The Rwandan genocide, committed by the Hutu-extremist regime, which was in power, caused about 800,000 deaths between April and July 1994, mainly among the Tutsi minorities, but also among moderate Hutu.

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