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The diplomatic revolution is slow!

The massacre of the economy, it gives back the world. Many come here to test the water, explore or simply do sightseeing. Very few investors original agreements at the end of the festivities, let alone release notes. This is not the first goal of these international meetings, the essentials are played behind the walls, and this case takes time. In addition, for most promises and other commitments, more or less fixed, " Tunisia 2020 ", we are still waiting … the color of the tone. For the African Economic Forum on 24 and 25 April 2018, it is the same. It's even worse at this level, because notable promises have not been, at least we did not get the wind. This does not mean that this case with Africa does not weigh heavily in terms of deposition, on the contrary, it may potentially exceed everything Tunisia has experienced in recent years. In addition, the economist missed Radhi Meddeb, industry ministers and SMEs, Slim Feriani and UTICA President Samir Majoul. The only question is whether Tunisia is able to take advantage of the African countries' appetite, needs and enormous resources.

It's a fact: Tunisia woke up very late on its continent for the reasons already said. An explosion that was forced and forced, dictated by Europe's recession, donors, including the IMF, more closely observes the fate of subpayments, a Euro-Mediterranean unions left behind, a Maghreb Union Arab (UMA) more unlikely than ever, etc. Well, Remember that Tunisia is interested in Africa, not just in the declarations. The message from the Tunisian Trade Minister on the direct sea of ​​Tunisia-Senegal-Ivory Coast-Ghana is solid and an excellent investment that can lead to highly profitable companies for Tunisian operators. In fact, Senegal is a good student whose IMF says the best, Côte d'Ivoire is the tenor of the UEMOA zone, as we know due to the high income of coffee and cocoa, as for Ghana, it is a growth champion who pays luxury to refuse the IMF's hand. So from this point of view, Tunisia has been right. But there's one leg and one big: Government boss Youssef Chahed has not set foot in these countries. There is a heavy handicap in front of French, Chinese, Turkish and Moroccans, which literally places the authorities in the region.

Miss added to other

Chahed visited the sub-Saharan part, but little, too little (2 trips). And, above all, he carefully avoids heavy weights (Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Côte d'Ivoire, Senegal ..). We have heard that Tunis currently prefers to stick to the African countries where competition is less harsh, to tighten their weapons before they face foreign tenors who also chase, but we should not hold this attitude too much. Doing business with Guinea Conakry, Equatorial Guinea, Sudan is good, but there is much more to pick up with the big pieces on the continent. In addition, Tunisia is still continuing to send ministers, which is good, but we are in favor, but the heads of the CEO ̵

1; the head of state and the head of government – are even better! They are the ones who open the doors and point the way to investors. It's about labels but also protocols that Africans love. Emmanuel Macron, the French President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, at the head of the 13th World Economic Power, Xi Jinping, China's Stronger, and the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, have understood and left everything for long stays on the Continent, and have no good time. Tunisia, whose economy is more in need of Africa, is slow to make its diplomatic revolution.

Chahed was not at the meeting of the African Economic Forum in Tunis, instead he swung a message. He was in Brussels to design bombs, which is understandable, but he will not be forgiven not to lead the business delegation announced in Senegal. He had missed the first business mission, there will not be a second session in the second, which accentuates a little more isolation signal from Tunisian businessmen, while in other countries, everyone else can count on their presidents. We did not even see German Chancellor Angela Merkel before, to go down to Africa, and she will certainly return. At the same time, Chahed still hesitates to pick up the markets and contracts where they are. Even for his trip to Cameroon, we announced a long time ago, we still have no date!

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